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Dancing boys

AIM: The aim of this study is to undertake an exploratory investigation into the meaning of boys’ dance.



  • To investigate and develop understanding of the perceptions, attitudes, thoughts, feelings, values, and meanings of boys’ dance from the perspective of boys themselves, and how these might inform a boy’s individual’ engagement with dance.

  • To contribute new knowledge and insight to enhance the health and well-being and sense of self in boys who dance.

  • To contribute new knowledge to help improve adherence rates in boys who dance

Qualitative interviews

  • Group Interviews (approx. 60 mins) with approx. 4-5 boys aged 12-16years who (a) have danced for a minimum of 1 year, and (b) attend dance classes regularly (2 dance classes a week or more).

  • The group interviews will start with the collage activity and an interview guide consisting of open-ended questions.

Dance Performances

  • Boys will create collages to show, through dance, what dance means to them. During the creation phase, boys will be digitally recorded.

These findings will be disseminated to local schools via an online resource and via publication.



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