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An exploration into female dance teacher's experiences and perceptions

Aims: To undertake an exploratory, phenomenological investigation into female dance teachers’ perceptions of children who dance
1. To analyse and understand the perceptions, attitudes, thoughts, feelings, values, and meanings of female dance teachers
2. To contribute knowledge to help improve adherence rates
3. To contribute knowledge to help the health and well-being and sense of self in children who dance.
Research method
To address the aims of the project, data will be collected through individual face-to-face interviews.

Risner (2002) takes an interpretive phenomenological approach to exploring young adult male experiences in dance which maintains the richness of individual awareness contained in dancers’ perceptions. Given the depth of exploration this research project requires, phenomenologically-inspired approach has been selected as the most appropriate approach and will focus on the study of the lived body.


* Funding received from CREET at The Open University.

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